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Do I need to make payment to apply to a jobs ?:-
No. Never. You can apply to any jobs Listed on is Completely for FREE. is real or fake is real or fake ?:-
We offer genuine part time jobs only, so its 100% real genuine work we always offer. We never provides any Fake jobs. More over we never collect any payment from you in any stage. is 100% real and Not a fake jobs site.


Do I need to make payment to get an interview call ?:-
No, Never. Note: Genuine Part time job providers do not ask for money to schedule for an interviews or offer a job. If you are receiving such calls or emails, beware as this might be a job scam. Once you selected as our employee, we will show you payment proof also.



Jobs & employment scams | How does this scam work? ?:-
The scammer contacts you by phone, letter or email and offers you a job that requires very little effort for huge returns, or a guaranteed the way to make money easily & quickly. You also may even come across false job opportunities on classified ad websites and ask money to invest.


What will i do if Recruiters are asking me to pay to schedule interview for job ? is it real or fake ?:-
Do not trust anyone asking for any kind of payment for Job Applications, conducting interviews, or any other such employment/recruitment related purpose. Real jobs providers will not ask money for to get interview in any case.


Read our Security Advice to know more:-
We regret that sometimes, despite our best efforts, false job postings are listed online, and non-existing job offers are sent via email to illegally collect personal information and/or money from unsuspecting job seekers. Please note that does not approve of, or represent any employer or recruiter sending such fraudulent communication, which in fact are a violation of the Terms and Conditions. In such cases, we remain vigilant every day – When we receive complaints from Jobseekers about fraudulent or suspicious emails, we promptly notify the concerned employer client and, if necessary, block them from using our services. Report such cases to Contact US Page



On basis of past complaints from jobseekers, we encourage you to be wary of the following:
Do not share your non-work related personal information such as Credit Card numbers or Bank information over phone or email ( Read Our Privacy Policy ) Do not provide a call back phone number or provide contact information that is outside your country Do not trust anyone asking for any kind of payment for Job Applications, conducting interviews, or any other such employment/recruitment related purpose Beware of anyone promising a guaranteed job/interview call Beware of calls/emails from people claiming to be employees. We Only emails from domain belong to that of employees
Before you respond to such communication, we suggest you to do a discreet enquiry and be sure to verify the legitimacy of the employer with whom you are interacting..


Why you take some delay to reach you after applying this jobs ?:-
We are facing some delay in providing training to our selected candidates without any Training Charges / Registration fees and investment for our part time jobs, we may take some delay to reach single person application. We recommend you to join with a team having minimum of 5 members and more to get our work ASP. Please read below details to know more. No need to try on contact number.



Who can Join & Start work immediately ?:-
Please help us to Reduce Our Risk and Save time in Part time Jobs Training, We recommend you to have a team with minimum of 5 members and more, its so easy to explain our job details to a group of members to get maximum work output.


How to join as a team ?:-
Its very Simple and easy - All your interested friends should apply individually through our website like how you applied already.


How to find your friends who are interested to join this job ?:-
If you are sharing this job information through your facebook and WhatsApp, may be your friends also will show interest to join this job vai our website , which help you to get a team easily.



How you know I have a team with 5 members or more if i share this job ?:-
At the end of application page we use confirmation of your job application with facebook tick mark, through this method - we find your friendship connection, who already applied with us from your friends list in facebook . So please inform your friends to join in this part time job for free by sharing on facebook and WhatsApp .


I am single, I Don’t have a team/group of Friends now, can I apply ?
Yes, Single person also can apply for free – But you need to share this job with any one facebook account. If you are sharing this job information vai a facebook or WhatsApp, may be your friends / person from your city also will show interest to join this job vai our website , which help you to get a team easily.


How to share ?:-
To share this job with your friends on facebook and WhatsApp – Just click on below facebook & WhatsApp share button and click on “post to facebook” button/ WhatsApp share available on Mobile and Forward to groups.



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Why We Are

  • No Registration Fees

  • No Training Fee

  • No Investment

  • No Age Limits

  • No Targets

  • No Time Periods

  • No Qualification

Your Benefits

  • Work Any Time

  • 100% Genuine Work

  • 100% Legitimate

  • 100% Payment

  • Free Membership

  • Endless Opportunities

  • Work Anywhere

Our Features

  • No Experience

  • Daily Payout

  • Flexibility

  • Be Your Own Boss

  • Simple to work

  • Real Job Provider

  • Earn Money Online