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Part time Amazon delivery boy vacancy for Amazon Courier jobs with own car or van in flex driver get Rs. 1900 Daily



Amazon flex part time job Vacancy: This e-commerce company is in need of delivery agents to deliver the products ordered by Amazon customers to the Amazon customer's address (es) that is given by the Amazon customers while placing their order(s). Order that might be placed on official Amazon website or at the Amazon app that is made available on App store.

Part time Amazon delivery partner job Requirements:

Things that are necessary to work for amazon delivery boy vacancy is: If anybody is willing to do this amazon delivery jobs with own car or amazon van delivery boy job then such candidate must have the mandatory things according to Amazon in order to join and do this Part time Amazon delivery boy vacancy in “your location” if you have any big car or van, with Driving License, Vehicle Registration Card, Valid Insurance Certificate, then you may be able to do this amazon delivery jobs with your own car easily.

And now some of the necessary things that are required for the Part time Amazon delivery job are as follows: PAN Card, Aadhar card, Valid Health/Fitness Certificate, Own or Rented Vehicle or Bike, Smart Phone with an internet connection, Bank Account Documents.



How to do this amazon logistics jobs in part time near me as a delivery Agent:

  1. The delivery agent has to prepare themselves according to guidelines of the Amazon Company by wearing an appropriate jacket (Dress Code), etc and after dressing, the delivery boy has to take the necessary gadgets, equipment’s, etc.

  2. Next the delivery boy/agent has to go to the appropriate Amazon logistics partners office and according to the procedure explained and thought by Amazon Delivery partners after joining the Amazon delivery job, the delivery boy/agent has to scan the appropriate packages bundle to update the shipping status of the packages on the Amazon system and also to notify the Amazon customers regarding their order(s) tracking status.

  3. Then the delivery agent has to leave the Amazon logistics office and go to the address of the customer specified on the map at the app or on the package and find the customer and deliver the package(s) to the customer.

  4. If there is any kind of problem in finding the customer, customer's location, etc. then by using the contact number provided by the customer while placing the order, the delivery agent has to call the customer to reach them.



  6. Then the delivery agent may ask the customer for the OTP before giving the packages of the order to the customer. Further, if the order is cash on delivery (COD) order then the delivery boy has to take the necessary cash from the customer before giving the package(s) of the order to the customer.

  7. After successfully delivering the packages, the delivery boy has to update the status of the order as delivered using the special Amazon software provided for the delivery boy/agent's smartphone. In the same manner, each and every order has to be delivered to the customer's destination(s) on time.

  8. If the delivery agent would like to get extra income along with amazon delivery boy vacancy salary then the delivery boy/agent must do return pick up work along with delivery work then the delivery Agent has to take the necessary package(s) of the order's return by going to the customer's destination according to the time slot allotted by Amazon and call the customer at the contact number given by Amazon to request the customer to give the package(s) that customer would like to return to Amazon.

  9. After successfully taking all the package(s) that the customer wants to return to Amazon, the delivery agent has to do the necessary tracking status update of that return. In the same way, each and every return pick-up work has to be done by the delivery agent. Delivery agent may get some bonus credits from the customer in the form of tips if customer likes to give any tips.



Amazon flex part time job timing shift hours for part-time:

Morning Timing Shift:

8 AM to 12.30 PM

Evening Timing Shift:

1 PM to 6 PM

What income can get from these work for amazon delivery jobs

  • Guess the amazon delivery job salary in “your city” would be given according to the number of successful orders delivered to the customer's destination(s

  • Since the income of this delivery job is not fixed. And if you are looking for amazon flex jobs near me in “your city” you should deliver packages of 10 orders within 1 hour and could get approximately Rs.300 – Rs.600. ( $40 to $100 )*.

  • So, if the delivery agent successfully delivers packages of 100 Orders within 10 hours then the Average Delivery agent could get around 10 hours x 300 = Rs.3000 /- per day from this amazon driver jobs for delivery work.

  • *Salary will be different for various locations and countries.



Amazon Job Category

Monthly Salary

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What is Amazon flex delivery jobs facilities:-

This amazon flex jobs is better and easier than other Delivery jobs. Amazon flex delivery jobs offered by Amazon e-commerce company and they offer health and Accidental insurance to the delivery agents who do this work in “your city”. So, you can apply for amazon flex delivery job without investment and registration fees.

How to join amazon delivery job apply:-

You can work for amazon delivery job apply by going to "apply now" section on page bottom and enter the appropriate information for the required fields and click "submit" to know more details and procedure to join as amazon delivery agent. We will provide all help that you are able to fit for their recruitment process and interview times in your city without any fees. We are doing this service to you is totally without any charges.



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